Double Happiness

Nature Pops!, Wave Hill, August 2016

With the rise of healthy eating, fast food chains have suffered. To keep up with changing tastes, McDonalds has created McCafe, a lounging area for customers that creates a coffeeshop feel. And in some stores, it has changed it’s signature colors from red and yellow to forest green and yellow.

This work continues my exploration of dazzle camouflage applied to corporate logos. Here the Starbucks mermaid is rendered almost unreadable through graphic patterning. The coffee shop’s trademark colors of forest green and white have been replaced with red and yellow, the typical fast food coloring of McDonald’s and similar eating establishments.

Atop is the Chinese symbol for Double Happiness, commonly found as an ornamental design element in Chinese porcelain, and also the plastic dinnerware found at Chinese restaurants. Created from a duplication of the character for joy, one possible reading for this symbol is "wedded bliss."